Companies or initiatives we are connected with

World Innovations Forum

The World Innovations Forum is my core engagement, a philanthropic project, helping spark innovation from within a country and create a self propelled innovation economy. We work with volunteers from nearly 30 countries who all support the grand vision.

Beginning at Nothing (Book)

Our founder, Axel Schultze is writing his new book about advanced entrepreneurship. It’s not about how to start a successful business but about how to build a disruptive, global, billion dollar company in less than 7 years. More information will be available soon.

Blockchain Valley Ventures

Our founder and CEO is an investor and board member in BVV. There he is helping identify amazing startups and bring them to an ICO, IPO or whatever means of capitalization to fulfill their vision.

World With No Work (Book)

Another project of our founders. Exploring how our world will evolve with the upcoming technology revolution, including AI, robotics, blockchain, smart material and biological material. We will soon be able to replace pretty much any repeatable work, any dangerous work, any physical hard work and more. They will show the opportunities and risks we will need to deal with.

Elephants Group

It’s a small group of ex entrepreneurs in Switzerland exploring ways to create a better world for entrepreneurs around the globe.

XeeMe – Digital Presence Card

XeeMe was a pet project a few years ago, creating a digital online summary. It shows all the digital identities somebody has and where they can be connected with. It grew to over 1 million users within a year. Today it is no longer promoted but still available. The code is still maintained and there are now roughly 2 million users with new users every day.


If there is anything you are interested in, like to join, participate, help or get help from, just look at the specific engagement and I’m happy to make the necessary connection.

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