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Our ‘Fall 2019’ programs start after the summer break.

  • August 20, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, Americas
  • October 21 in Zürich, Switzerland, Europe
  • November 11 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Asia

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Zero Equity

The SF Accelerator never took any equity – and became the most successful accelerator in the world. We are completely independent, don’t look for volume and invest only 12 weeks later (when the program is completed) in investable graduates at fair market value.

Silicon Valley Spirit

It is the Silicon Valley Spirit in the SF Accelerator that makes the difference. The best business models and technological inventions are based on a unique mindset. Two unique program elements make the SF Accelerator;
1) Innovative Thinking
2) Disruptive Business Model Development

One of the most successful accelerator programs

San Francisco Accelerator is a Non Profit organization (part of the World Innovations Forum)

Models & Facts

Some reasons why we are considered one of the most successful accelerators:

  • Completely independent. no corporate or financial interests
  • As part of the WIForum we are a non profit organization
  • The only program teaching disruptive business models
  • The program with the highest follow on funding rate
  • We do not take any equity
  • Very selective when approving attendees
  • Well defined step by step program – from vision to execution
  • Based on success from highly successful serial entrepreneurs
  • A methodical program to build exceptional companies
  • In our alumni are several high growth companies


Some not so obvious reasons why we believe we are where we are:

  • Success is a mindset – not a skill and not based on degrees
  • Creating massively bold ideas is based on a mindset
  • Making the impossible a reality is a mindset
  • Building, selling and supporting an amazing solutions for many other people is a mindset
  • A mindset is attracting corresponding talents, customers, or investors
  • Mindset is no esoteric model but a concrete brain output
  • Mindset is no magic – every human being can shape (set) their mind


San Francisco Accelerator was founded 2014 in San Francisco, California (aka Society3 Accelerator). Unlike the existing accelerators, the SF Accelerator focused on very specific startup needs like traction building, growth hacking, creating disruptive business models and formulating a strong vision for the company’s future. A methodical program was developed with immediate success. In 2015 the accelerator was named one of the top 100 globally most influential accelerators. The accelerator developed a proven track record of very high success and funding rates. Today the San Francisco Accelerator conducts their programs in the US, Europe and Asia and is part of the World Innovations Forum Foundation and as such a non profit organization.

  • Unlocking Your Mind

    Success is a mindset, making the impossible a reality is a mindset, get permanent guidance to do the right thing comes from your mindset

  • Accelerator Program

    * Vision Development
    * Innovative Thinking Methods
    * Disruptive Business Models
    * Zero Budget Marketing
    * Traction & Growth Hacking
    * Going Global & Branding
    * Capitalization / Funding

  • Resources

    Finding advice, mentorship, investors, connections, global networking, training…

What the accelerator alumni has to say

I am really impressed with Axel and his team. We’ve been generating significant traction since the first week of the accelerator program –  SurveyPal.

The SF Accelerator program with their guidance and hands on support on how to build traction, helped us from the very first interaction to gain substantially more exposure including additional customers. The team’s deep business expertise gives us advise for our startup and we could not ask for more; a successful program in the making – Lellan.

Traction Acceleration works – we increased registrations and conversions from its start. It works best, if one involves his entire team into growth-related activities – Sotrender

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