San Francisco Accelerator was founded 2014 in San Francisco, California. Unlike the existing accelerators, the SF Accelerator focused on very specific startup like traction building, growth hacking, creating disruptive business models and formulating a strong vision for the company’s future. A methodical program was developed with immediate success. In 2015 the accelerator was named one of the top 100 globally most influential accelerators. The accelerator developed a proven track record of very high success and funding rates. Today the accelerator provides online programs to help startups all over the world to participate.

Since the Accelerator was created within Society3, it was quickly the Society3 accelerator. Only after a while people liked it’s original name much better and so we began to brand the program officially as “San Francisco Accelerator”. We started in March 2014, down town San Francisco in Mission Street.  After the first ‘Flight’ we moved into Impact Hub San Francisco where we ran the follow on batches in 2014 and 2015. After almost 20 years in Silicon Valley, the founders moved back to Europe in 2016 where they continued with the program.


  • 2014

    Flight 1 and 2

    Started with the first flight (batch) of 10 teams, approx. 30 people, in April.

  • 2015

    First physical program

    We changed from the online version to a physical program. It was conducted in the Impact Hub in San Francisco.


  • 2016

    Moving to Europe

    We moved to Europe and conducted Flight 4 in Berlin for a group of 30 refugees.

  • 2016

    First European Flight

    Flight 5 was the first European program, conducted in TechnoPark, Lucerne Switzerland, with 5 amazing Swiss teams.


  • 2017

    Second Swiss Flight

    Flight 6 was our second European flight, mostly Swiss entrepreneurs. Idea and preparing for a truly global program

  • 2018

    First fully global program

    Flight 7 is the first truly global program with attendees from approx. 8 countries from Africa, Asia and Europe.