Taking young startups all the way to an IPO

By being part now of the World Innovations Forum, a non profit NGO, The San Francisco is tasked to find and develop entrepreneurs, startups or growth stage companies with a very special profile.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who have an unstoppable urge to build a big company and go global with it one day. You are not shy to conquer any obstacle and are obsessed by your business idea.

It is our objective to help those entrepreneurs to build large businesses which can make significant contribution to a nation’s export volume and therefore to its prosperity.

Growth Stage Accelerator

With a prototype to global markets

For founder teams with at least a basic concept, a prototype, some rudimentary market validation, obsessed to take the company all the way to the top.

Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

Get ready to kick off

A program for entrepreneurs with an early stage startup. You are at the verge of building your own business but not at a stage to join the growth stage accelerator.

Going Global

Getting you into multiple countries as fast as possible

This program helps accelerator alumni to take their company global. Having the accelerator passed is a prerequisite for this program. If you have been at other reputable accelerators, we may take you into the program after some interviews. Having participated in the country explorer program is a must to participate.

Corporate innovation

Accelerating corporate innovation labs

A special program to accelerate corporate innovation labs. We apply what gets startups to global competitors also to global enterprises. Attendees work, learn to think and act like a startup.

Coming soon

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