Pricing Structure

ScaleUp Accelerator

The fees to participate in this program has three components:

1) Initial participation fee
You pay a nominal fee of € 50-500, based on the GDP/C of your country (See GDP/C pricing). This fee is to make sure you have “skin in the game”. The fee is due after your application was accepted and before the program starts.

2) Success fee (Only if you got funded)
The success fee is 3% of the whatever you actually raise in your country, within 18 month after participating in the accelerator. There is no GDP/C adjustment necessary as it is based on your local currency.

3) Equity (With graduation)
As part of the program, we will take 3% equity in your company at nominal value [the value when the company was founded].
* Your company becomes a San Francisco Accelerator Portfolio company
* The founders team (Axel and Marita Schultze) become the actual shareholder.
* The founders and/or one of the World Innovations Form Ambassadors will become an advisory board member for at least 3 years.
We reserve the right to not execute this option.

Startup Accelerator

To participate in the new, one-day startup accelerator program, you pay a nominal fee of € 20-200, based on the GDP/C of your country (See GDP/C pricing).

Going Global

The ‘Going Global’ program will take you in all corners of the market and in each GDP/C group. Therefor the price is fixed and takes the cost differences in the countries in consideration.

Corporate Innovation Accelerator

The price for the Corporate Innovations Accelerator starts at €50,000 and depends on the country, the company size and the program options. The program fees include the local co-working space fees for 10 people, local mentorship, mentorship from the Accelerator Core team, connections to up to three international teams and other cost the program incurs.

GDP based pricing

In order to help startup entrepreneurs in any country, we divided the world in 5 GDP/C groups. Where ever applicable and possible we offer GDP/C based pricing. The respective price applies for the country the company is officially registered AND the majority of the team resides in that country.

GDP/C Groups

1 Countries with a GDP/C above $40,000
I.e. Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, UK, US
Scale-up Accelerator base fee €500

2 Countries with a GDP/C between %6 and $15,000
I.e. Czech Rep., Estonia, Italy, Korea, Poland, Russia
Scale-up Accelerator base fee €300

3 Countries with a GDP/C between $15 and $ 25,000
Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Macedonia, Mexico, Serbia
Scale-up Accelerator base fee €200

4 Countries with a GDP/C between $25 and $40,000
Scale-up Accelerator base fee €100
Albania, Columbia, Indonesia, Peru, Tunesia, Vietnam

5 Countries with a GDP/C below $ 6,000
I.e. Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan Zimbabwe
Scale-up Accelerator base fee €50