Proudly presenting our accelerator alumni

Brilliantly connect top talents, on-demand to engaging projects. Improving the agility of teams and empowering individuals to do work they are passionate about.
Guuru gives everyone an opportunity to share their product or service expertise with others. The intelligent platform ensures the highest quality and authenticity in the provided answers.
Artiazza  Artiazza
An art marketplace focused on young art talents, giving them access to consumers with a low budget, still wanting to buy original art.
Connexa  Connexa
Community builder finding a professional community system for free. Connexa identified unique ways to monetize a community in a non intrusive way and participates from the results.
Sonect  Sonect
Providing virtual ATMs empowering every shop to act as an ATM and reducing dramatically reducing cost of making cash available anywhere any time.
Yamo  Yamo
Producing the freshest possible babyfood by using a unique technology that no longer heats up the food and distroyes the vitamines, but simply pastorizes food by pressure.
Docademic  Docademic
A unique community and information marketplace for medical doctors and patience to exchange experience and results of nay kind of diseeses.
Termify Termify
A business appointment scheduler making it easy for customers of small businesses to setup appointments from their smart phones
StageLink  StageLink
Artist crowd source their tour planning by asking fans about their interest in the various regions eventually have the fans book through the marketplace and crowd fund the initial ticket sale.
The Needs  The Needs (Exit)
Providing news in an intelligent, user defined way and composition. It can include any news. The company was acquired in 2016.
VoteBash  VoteBash
Providing groups or populations an easy way to vote over any aspect or topic. Democratizing any opinion gathering on any aspect of our society.
Globals  Club Globals
Club Globals is a platform for digital nomads & globals entrepreneurs. People from around the world easily find connection in a new city i.e. Berlin
Lellan  Lellan
Providing LED based and mobile phone controlled illumination technology for Retailer, Show rooms, the Hospitality industry creating unique ambiancees for their customers.
Meritocracy  Meritocracy
At Meritocracy, ee empower candidates to explore the spaces of Swedish market leader in the packaging industry, or discover the values of a Korean multinational connecting millions of people worldwide daily.
SoTrender  SoTrender
Social Media Monitoring.
SurveyPal  SurveyPal
Surveypal® is an online customer survey platform. It helps companies of all sizes to succeed at gathering feedback from their customers they can act on. A privately held company in San Francisco, California.


The accelerator alumni are companies who made it through there first rounds of funding and are growing ever since. The respective CEOs have been steering their teams to continuous success and many are already international.

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